Small Groups

Small groups are a key part of GCF’s student ministry. They provide a chance to study God’s Word, grow in faith, and build relationships. This year, we will meet in 5 smaller groups and work through books of the Bible together. This year we will e working through the book of Mark. Additionally, there is a dedicated small group for first year graduate students.

First years:

Mondays at 7pm

Leaders: Emily Ballbach & Graham Carson

Location: 1300 30th St, D9-13

Emily: 407-242-7181

*If Mondays don’t work for you,

talk to Emily and there may be a

mid-day option for first year and other students.


And groups for everyone else

in grad school. Pick the one that

works best for your schedule!

Mondays at 7pm

Leaders: Peter & Katie Foster

Host: Deborah Hui & Sarah Dischinger

2021 Goss St.

Deb: 720-323-9603; Sarah: 480-296-9368

Tuesdays at 7pm

Leaders: Bekah Daniel & Jason Bilyeu

Hosts: Travis Fraser, Chris & Will

45 South 32nd St.

Travis: 559-907-3418

Wednesdays at 7pm

Leaders: Shelby Bottoms & Ben Sieben

Host: Sharaya, Allie, & Melanie

2000 Canyon Blvd.


Group for “All But Dissertation” students:

Wednesdays at 7pm

Leader: Summer Webb

Host: Summer & Amy

970 North St.

Summer: 770-634-8958; Amy: 303-518-4359