2017 – 2018 Leadership


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Emily Crider was born in Pittsburgh, PA but raised in a suburb just north of Seattle. She graduated from Biola University having earned a BA in Christian Education/Ministry Leadership. Wanting to be further equipped for ministry, she went almost immediately to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, just outside Boston. There she earned an MA in Theology and an MA in Religion, emphasizing in Spiritual Formation and Biblical Worship. Upon graduation, Emily went on to serve college students at a church outside Orlando and then off to Texas to care for college students and families at Laity Lodge Family Camp. Emily joined InterVarsity staff two years ago and made the move to Boulder, CO. She is thrilled to be here, just got married in the summer of 2017, and can’t wait to meet you! Emily would love to get to know you over coffee or a meal at your local favorite. Her email is: emily.ballbach@intervarsity.org


DSC_0841Nikolaj Christensen was born in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, but grew up as a pastor’s kid in the deep countryside. He recently spent four years in England, pursuing a PhD in theology, and is married to Hannah. He joined InterVarsity as associate staff in January 2017. He likes board games, old movies, and coffee. He also loves getting to know new people over any of those things.





The Exec

The Exec. team serves as the brains of InterVarsity’s Graduate Christian Fellowship at the University of Colorado. They are the visionaries, the dreamers, the ones who set things in motion. They are committed to seeing graduate students at CU thrive through the ministry of GCF. Their objective is to help others integrate heart and mind for the service of Jesus Christ while having as much fun as possible!


Here’s a bit about the 2017 – 2018 team:


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Andres Chaparro is the GCF President this year. He is a third year PhD student in Chemical Engineering. He is originally from Colombia and loves traveling, and getting to know new cultures and people. Additionally, he enjoys dancing salsa, as well as playing volleyball, basketball, ultimate, racquetball, and soccer. Finally, he would be happy to meet you for coffee and talk about GCF or anything else.







DSC_0021 (1)Liz Jefferson is this year’s small group coordinator for GCF.  Originally from Duluth, MN she is an expert in long Os, ooftas and you betchas as well as knowing how to stay warm in subzero temperatures. Liz decided to pursue her BS in environmental engineering at Michigan Tech where she gained more valuable skills like igloo manufacturing. After graduating from Tech, Liz spent about a year at a consulting firm before moving to Budapest, Hungary to serve with Reach Global for two years. Upon returning from Hungary, she moved to Boulder where she is pursuing her Master’s in civil engineering with a focus in water resources. In her spare time, Liz likes to hike, cross country ski and try to make it to the top of Flagstaff on her bike. If you want to chat about life, relationships, missions, prayer or a host of other engaging topics, Liz would love to meet you for coffee or a stroll.



Jess Chen is the admin coordinator for GCF this year. She is doing a master’s degree in violin performance at CU. Jess was born and raised in Rochester, NY, and attended undergrad at nearby Ithaca College, also in upstate NY. There, she earned a double degree in violin performance and music education, developing a love for both. After undergrad, she moved to Vail, Colorado, where she coordinated an after-school music program that focused on social justice through reaching underrepresented populations. After two years in the mountains, she came back to school in Boulder. Jess’ hobbies and interests include hiking, skiing, yoga, and travelling. She’d be happy to grab coffee and chat about GCF and life!








Small Group Leaders

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