2018 – 2019 Leadership


Emily Crider was born in Pittsburgh, PA but raised in a suburb just north of Seattle. She graduated from Biola University having earned a BA in Christian Education/Ministry Leadership. Wanting to be further equipped for ministry, she went almost immediately to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, just outside Boston. There she earned an MA in Theology and an MA in Religion, emphasizing in Spiritual Formation and Biblical Worship. Upon graduation, Emily went on to serve college students at a church outside Orlando and then off to Texas to care for college students and families at Laity Lodge Family Camp. Emily joined InterVarsity staff three years ago and made the move to Boulder, CO. She and her husband Jon live in Lafayette with their new little boy, Owen. Emily would love to get to know you over coffee or a meal at your local favorite. Her email is: emily.crider@intervarsity.org

The Exec

The Exec. team serves as the brains of InterVarsity’s Graduate Christian Fellowship at the University of Colorado. They are the visionaries, the dreamers, the ones who set things in motion. They are committed to seeing graduate students at CU thrive through the ministry of GCF. Their objective is to help others integrate heart and mind for the service of Jesus Christ while having as much fun as possible!


Here’s a bit about the 2018-2019 team:


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Andres Chaparro is the GCF President this year. He is a fourth year PhD student in Chemical Engineering. He is originally from Colombia and loves traveling, and getting to know new cultures and people. Additionally, he enjoys dancing salsa, as well as playing volleyball, basketball, ultimate, racquetball, and soccer. Finally, he would be happy to meet you for coffee and talk about GCF or anything else.




Devon Donahue is the Small Group Exec for GCF this year, helping the small group leaders lead the small groups! He is a 2nd year PhD student in Electrical Engineering performing research in Radio Frequency. When not in the lab, Devon enjoys running, hiking, and backpacking, and is always looking for a good excuse to travel ;). If you’d like to get in touch with Devon, he can be reached at devon.donahue@colorado.edu.




Ryan Hance is the Admin Exec for GCF, overseeing various administrative tasks.  He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at George Fox University in Oregon and is currently a second year Master’s student in Aerospace Engineering Sciences at CU.  He is from Seattle and plans to work in the aerospace industry after completing his MS degree.  Outside of school, Ryan enjoys baseball, volleyball, airplanes, and visiting new places.  If you would like to talk to Ryan about GCF, Jesus, life, or anything else, please contact him at ryan.hance@colorado.edu.

Emily Carroll  is the Community Exec this year. She was born in Virginia, and grew up throughout Virginia, California, Maryland, and Japan. She is a second year grad student, pursuing a Master’s in Education and her secondary math teacher’s license. She loves to be active, bake delicious gluten-free things, drink coffee, and play the flute. She also appreciates clever comedy and new math problems. Emily would love to share coffee or a meal and get to know you!


Small Group Leaders

Allie Davis is a fourth year PhD candidate in civil engineering and studies small sanitation systems in India. Allie was born and raised in Boulder and moved to California where she got her B.S. in civil engineering at Cal Poly. Outside of academia, Allie loves to travel, hike, backpack, and scuba dive. She’s also working on building an alternative career in pottery and vegetable gardening/canning. Allie is a compulsive extrovert and optimist and is always excited to meet the new and continuing GCFers!

Nick Landry
Katrina Johns
Jennifer Shelby is a fourth year PhD candidate in Environmental Studies and Design. Her research focuses on creative districts and rural planning in the American West. She holds a BA in Economics and a Masters in Community and Regional Planning both from Boise State University. In addition to academics, Jenn loves coffee, baking, making art, attending art events, cycling, hiking, traveling, her son, her husband, her puppy, and Jesus.
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