2016 – 2017 Leadership



Emily Ballbach was born in Pittsburgh, PA but raised in a suburb just north of Seattle. She graduated from Biola University having earned a BA in Christian Education/Ministry Leadership. Wanting to be further equipped for ministry, she went almost immediately to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, just outside Boston. There she earned an MA in Theology and an MA in Religion, emphasizing in Spiritual Formation and Biblical Worship. Upon graduation, Emily went on to serve college students at a church outside Orlando and then off to Texas to care for college students and families at Laity Lodge Family Camp. Emily recently joined our staff and made the move to Boulder, CO. She is thrilled about a new adventure, loves the outdoors, music, sports, running, and her little niece and nephew in Texas. Emily would love to get to know you over coffee or a meal at your local favorite.


The Exec

The Exec. Team serves as the brains of InterVarsity’s Graduate Christian Fellowship at the University of Colorado. They are the visionaries, the dreamers, the ones who set things in motion. They are committed to seeing graduate students at CU thrive through the ministry of GCF. Their objective is to help others integrate heart and mind for the service of Jesus Christ while having as much fun as possible!

Here’s a bit about the 2015-2016 team:


Travis Frazer is the GCF President this year. He grew up in Big Creek (the town, not the body of water) in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. After spending undergrad on the coast at Cal Poly SLO, he has returned to the mountains (at least, right next to them) to pursue a physics PhD at CU. He enjoys the outdoors, music, and creative things like carving and improv. He also loves deep conversation and would be happy to meet you for coffee and talk about GCF or anything else.

Claire Benjamin is a Tennessee native who grew up in a small town (She will buy you ice cream if you’ve heard of Tullahoma), moved to Virginia during high school, and returned to Nashville to attend Vanderbilt University, where she graduated with her B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. She picked up and left for Colorado to see how the Rockies compare with the Blue Ridge and to pursue a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, in the Design Center. When she’s not tuning robots or hanging out with a 3-D printer, you can find her running or hiking, seeking out live music, making up recipes, or enjoying a book at one of Boulder’s many great coffee shops. She would love the opportunity to get to know you better over coffee, on a trail, or doing whatever it is that brings you joy! Please shoot her an email!



Andres Chaparro is the Prayer Exec. He is a second year PhD student in Chemical Engineering. He is originally from Colombia and loves traveling, and getting to know new cultures and people. Additionally, he enjoys dancing salsa, as well as playing volleyball, basketball, ultimate, racquetball, and soccer. Finally, he would love to get to know you over coffer (or while playing a sport), or to meet with you for prayer.


Kaitlyn Davis is this year’s Service and Evangelism Representative. She is from Pittsburgh, PA, double majored in anthropology and environmental science at Notre Dame, and is currently in the third year of the MA/PhD program in archaeology here at CU Boulder. When she’s not in the office or somewhere in the deserts of the Southwest conducting field research, she enjoys playing softball and a varied assortment of musical instruments, hiking, biking, and meeting friends (old and new) at the Sweet Cow for ice cream.


David Quigley is this year’s Administrative executive. When he arrived in Colorado, he discovered that he can get a dual PhD in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, so he opted to do twice as much work for a piece of paper with even more words on it. He spends most of his working time sitting around inside, be it writing programs, watching students use those programs, analyzing the data related to those students using those programs, or writing about those analyses of those data related to those students using those programs. When he’s not working, he spends more time inside playing video games, reading books, or watching Netflix. When summer is on, he goes out hiking in the mountains. When winter is on, he goes out skiing in the mountains. When neither is on, he laments the fact that he is neither hiking nor skiing.


Lulu Quigley is this year’s Assistant Administrative executive. She loves to hike and walk. For additional exercise, she likes to participate in vigorous games of tug-of-war. She also likes to snuggle with anybody.



Jason Bilyeu is serving as one of the small group coordinators for GCF. Jason is entering his second year at the University of Colorado Boulder working on masters in mechanical engineering. After growing up in rural Montana, he received his bachelors in Engineering Physics from Whitworth University located in beautiful Spokane, Washington before moving to Boulder in August of 2015. Jason loves deep theological discussions, early mornings with a book and a cup of coffee, the Broncos, and (perhaps a little too much) Lebron James.


David Couch is one of the small group coordinators this year. After growing up in Nashville, TN and going to school in Houston, TX, he came to Colorado to enjoy some cooler, dry weather. Here, he is pursuing a PhD in physics. When avoiding the pursuit of new physics, he enjoys hiking, reading fantasy novels, and playing 90’s computer games.

Small Group Leaders

We haven’t yet finalized our Small Group Leaders for 2016 – 2017. If you’re interested to find out more, contact Jason and David!